Top Five Tips

Make Your First Move.

Getting Started

Before you start fundraising, we recommend planning and preparing to maximize your efforts. These tips will increase your impact and help us shape the future of cerebral palsy research.

Set your Fundraising Goal

Make sure you set a fundraising goal on your profile page. Your friends will be more likely to support you and donate if they know you have a personal goal — and they'll be happy to help you achieve it.

Pro Tip:  $10 a day x 21 days = $210

$210 will help fund the training of specialist clinicians to detect cerebral palsy in babies as young as three months old, allowing for early intervention therapy that can significantly improve their independence and quality of life.

Donate to Yourself: Kickstart Your Fundraising

Donating to your own fundraiser shows your friends and family that you’re committed to this challenge. Showing that yoour taking this seriously will demonstrate your passion — and that will make everyone more likely to donate and follow your lead.

Pro Tip:

Make a $21 donation (a $1 per day) and then ask four 4 of your friends to do the same - and you've raised $105.

Customize Your Page

You’ve set your MOVE goal and your fundraising goal. This challenge is yours, so make your page a reflection of you and share it with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Upload a photo to build integrity and trust with the people you share your page with.

Write something on your page describing why you’ve taken on the Move4CP challenge and how much everyone’s support will mean to you.

Keep your followers and supporters updated throughout your challenge by adding to your story or including progress updates each day.

Ask Everyone

Be sure to ask everyone you know to support your challenge — not just the people closest to you or people who you expect to support you! You never know who will sponsor you and donations can come from the unlikeliest places.

Share your personal story and the goal you hope to achieve, and then let people make their own decision to sponsor you.

Get Social

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to share your progress, update your friends, and ask for support via daily or weekly stories.  AND we've made it super easy for you to start a Facebook Fundraiser and connect it to your Move page. Follow these easy steps and get ready to watch the love and support flood in.

We’ve Got You Covered

We have a prewritten email for you to use, which includes your personal details to make it easy for you to send out. You can also copy the message and links from your smartphone and send it via text message.

Thank Everyone

Asking for support is essential and thanking your supporters is just as important.

Thank your supporters early! Every time someone donates to your challenge, you’ll receive an email notification. We’ve made it super easy to send them a thank you email or send them a quick text message. You can call them, too!

Nothing shows gratitude more than a personalized thank you, so be sure to thank every donor as soon as they give.

Pro Tip:

Post a daily update or story on social media thanking your donors and tagging them. Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page to make it easy for your followers to donate, too.