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Move4CP is all about being active. That might be walking, riding, pushing your wheelchair, stretching, or dancing.

Challenge yourself for 21 days, from June 10 -30 and connect with your friends, co-workers and family. Move4CP welcomes everyone. All fitness levels. All abilities. Any location in the US.


Register and set your goal.


Make progress toward your goal and connect with friends.


Let everyone know what you're doing and ask friends to give in support.

Your MOVE Will Make A Difference

Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood-onset physical disability in the world. The funds that you raise will accelerate groundbreaking research to treat,
prevent, and ultimately cure this underfunded condition. Together, we can make a difference.

Early Detection and Intervention

Children with CP often aren't diagnosed until they are between a year and a half and two years old. We are funding research to give children with CP the best possible start.

Technology & Innovation

25% of people with CP cannot talk. We are partnering with neurologists and funding science that will transform the way people with CP communicate and move. We are also supporting research that will revolutionize CP diagnosis and treatment.


We are funding research to uncover possible genetic components of CP, which will optimize individual treatments for people with CP.

Chronic Pain

75% of people with CP endure daily chronic pain. We are funding studies to find the underlying causes of CP-related pain and discover new non-addictive, non-opioid treatments.

Regenerative Medicine

We are funding research that is investigating stem cells as a possible treatment to potentially reverse the brain injuries that cause CP.

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