Your Support Will
Make A Difference

A Baby is Born With CP Every Hour

Over the 21 day MOVE challenge, while you’re moving and making progress toward your goals, another 504 babies will be born with cerebral palsy in the US.

That’s one child every hour.

Over 18 million people have CP worldwide.  Babies, children, teenagers, and adults.

Meet Naomi

Like so many kids her age, Naomi loves listening to music and playing with troll dolls. Naomi is nonverbal and her smile really does say so much.

Your support will allow us to continue to accelerate cutting-edge research for kids like Naomi. With your help, we will fund groundbreaking science and technology that will transform the way people with CP communicate and move. Technology that can potentially help Naomi have her first conversation with her mom.

Meet Kanga

Kanga's father, Asto had dreams of his son being a soccer player. Discover Kanga's story and how he and his family live with cerebral palsy.

Faces of CP

Our Faces of CP campaign is an ongoing curation of photos and stories of people with cerebral palsy. From all over the United States and around the world.  Our aim is to share as many stories as possible. Together, we’ll raise awareness and show the personal side of what it’s like to live with CP. 

Read them here

Join us for STEPtember

If you're enjoying MOVE and want to continue, join us for STEPtember. Pre-register today and we'll contact you in July when our campaign opens.