Fundraising ideas

With DIY fundraising, the sky is the limit. How will you fundraise?

Fundraising is fun when you can make it your own. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Get Your Game On

Gaming and streaming is one of the fastest growing types of peer-to-peer fundraising. Broadcast an activity and ask for donations during your live stream. Or, host a video game tournament with an entry fee and a prize! 

Get Crafty

Create an sell custom art pieces. Whether your an experienced artist, or novice, you can use your creativity to raise money for CP. Offer customized pieces, or sell something simple like bracelets or postcards.

Go Green

Green is the official color of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation. Host a gardening event, or sell seedlings for donations. If you're feeling bold, you can die your hair green if you achieve your fundraising goal!

Get Active

Organize a walk or a game of your choice to raise money for CP. You can sell shirts, sell tickets, and even do a raffle during the event. 

Challenge Yourself

Do you have a bucket list goal that you haven't gotten to yet? Why not support CP while you push yourself to new heights? And guess what, it doesn't need to b a physical challenge. Set a reading goal, do a chili pepper challenge, or host an epic movie marathon!

Host an Event

One of most fun ways to raise money. Host a happy hour at a local brewery, throw a pizza party, or put on a comedy, music or talent show. You can sell tickets to the event, work with a local restaurant for a portion of proceeds for a day, or collect donations for an auction.