Half Marathon for Jack Silver

By Jesse Simon

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My target 100 mi

I'm running a half marathon for cerebral palsy research in honor of Jack!

My nephew, Jack, was born with CP and has undergone a battery of tests and procedures to ultimately diagnose and treat him properly. He recently underwent a difficult tendon transfer operation to increase his chances of having the ability to walk. 

In honor of Jack, and my sister & brother-in-law's tremendous efforts, I’m raising funds and awareness for Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) to move cerebral palsy research and disability innovation forward.

Any contribution you make will make a difference. Your gift will support:

  • Studies focused on unlocking movement for people with CP — from holding their head up for the first time to taking steps in ways they never have before.  
  • Technology that makes it easier for people with CP to grasp and grip items they need.
  • Research into the chronic pain that affects 14.5 million people with CP.
  • Innovation that makes it possible for people with CP to access and control their personal technology with voice commands, facial expressions, body gestures, and more.

Please help me reach my giving goal. Together, we change lives and move CP research forward.

Thanks so much for your support! 

My Updates

A1A Day 5 - Recovery Run

Thursday 28th Dec

A1A Half Marathon - Training Day 2

Monday 25th Dec

Thank you to my Sponsors


Abbye And Susan Silver

What a wonderful uncle! Good luck training!


Rico Sredni

We love you!! Goodluck!!


Jackson, Caroline & Luke


Brad And Megan



What an awesome thing to do. I love you and am so proud of you. May your running be a prayer and go directly to HaShem’s ears and back to our Jack.


Meir & Sari



Run, Jesse, Run!


Rikki Rutchik And Kirk Rovinsky



Yasher Koach!!


Harriet Reisman-snyder

You are such a Mensch Jesse. Sending our prayers to Jack 🙏🏻


Ester Gorin

B”H Jack’s surgery is a success!


Adrienne & Jeffrey Scheck Family

Fantastic! Best for success and Jack’s tender and comprehensive care, love and attention! Thank you for the opportunity to support!


David Woldenberg


Susie Simon

So proud of all the hard work you’ve put into this race and raising funds for CP! Keep it going- this is just the beginning.


Rebecca Levy


Jackie Blumstein

What a beautiful gesture! Praying that your efforts will pave the way for research to help your nephew, Jack and so many others. We are cheering you on!! 🩷🙏🩷


Jim & Judy Kline

You are doing a very special thing! Good on you!


James And Ali Cashat

Thanks for the opportunity to recognize Jack and his awesome parents!


Aviva Sredni


Alexandra Garcia

Jack is so incredibly lucky to have a family so involved and devoted. It’s beautiful to witness from the sidelines. I’m cheering you and the Simon/Salganik/Silver team along!!!


Mickey Taillard



Karen Otworth


Dr. Rafi Coaching

I hope & pray that CPARF continues to advance it's research while producing groundbreaking and innovate new technologies in changing the lives of millions.


Debbie Hersh


Daniel, Zoie, Emmet, And Naomi Silver

Good luck!!


Michael & Nicole Deluca


Keely Campbell

Sending love and support to Max, Leah, and Jack! - Keely


Michele Chernoff-dinetz

Jesse you have a heart of Gold. 💛 How lucky your patients will be! Great nephew Jack you come from a strong resilient tribe! G-d bless & protect you little one .


Joey And Justine Salganik

Please finish in the top 3. Don’t disappoint us.




Sylvia Oszczapinski


The Schmucker Family

Thank you!


Billy & Gaelle


Lois Goldberg

Appreciate your efforts for this beautiful boy.


Ben And Michelle Andron

May Jack have a refuah shelema!


Jo Spark


Cora Steinberg

Love you Jack, Nikki, Max!


Daniel Lee


Ilan Sredni


Abby Teper

In memory of my brother who had cerebral palsy.


Jack Silver

We love you, Tio! Thank you for your continuous support! We are so lucky!


Martha Amin


Murry Brown

Saint Jesse!!! 👏👏


Kathy/tom Higier

You ARE the good Jesse. Thanks for the opportunity to help!


Mitchell Morris

Continue to be a leader, an example, you’re an incredible person Jesse!


Maggie Reynolds


Moises And Ana Goein

May Hashem will help find a cure soon good luck Jesse on the marathon !!!


Helga Gorin

Go Jessie! Thanks for raising awareness of this terrible disease and hoping your nephew has a Refuah Shlema.


Moshe Trepp

You are a special uncle. Hashem should bless your sweet nephew with a Rafuah Shalaima!


Friedlander Family


Olivia’s Biggest Fan


Adouth Family


Makenzey Leavins

You got this!


Macy Anderson & Beau Bost

Praying for Jack & his fam! What a blessing to have family like Jesse and Susie.


Noelle Rogers

Sending prayers Jack!!! What a beautiful thing to do.


Lauren Jaehne

Good luck!! This is absolutely incredible of you!!


Raquel Alalu

So proud of you in every way. Go Jack!! You are a warrior.


Melissa Haynes



Coach D.

Best of luck, Jesse. Thank you for caring and my best wishes to Jack.


Meredith & George Harmon

That is wonderful❤️



Good luck and good for you! Wishing your nephew all the best! Much love- Renee, Greyson, Griffon &Ella Rubin


Raylene Silver


Jason Zheng



Congrats Jesse for supporting a great cause on behalf of your nephew !


Bradey Nerwich


Cydney Paden


Aaron And Alix Steinberg

Love you Jack and Jesse!


Jesse Blount




Beth Pogostin


Bamba’s Bestie

Good luck, Jesse! So proud of all your hard work! Much love and support to Jack and his family :)


Luke Lee


Roy & Gonie

What a noble cause. Sending love.


Grayson Knox


Ellee Leva

Good luck Jesse!!! Jack is so lucky to have an uncle like you!


Joshua Winograd

Crush it


Mitchell Bradley

Go Jesse!




Jason Epstein

My cousin has CP too. Several innovations in the past decade or so have helped him better communicate and engage. Thanks for organizing and best of luck on the race! 🙌




Eliana Shapiro

Go Jesse!! Kick some butt!


Cory And Shira Hartstein

Good luck in your efforts 💪🏼


Colin L